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The mysteries of Pharaohs




No creations of the human mind and hand have provided as many mysteries as the pyramids that stand on the Giza plateau near Cairo. In this page we will travel through the links starting from the Early Dynastic or Archaeic Period (3100-2686BC) with the Pharaonic dynasty.

Come with us to an excite journey to the past, learn about Mummification's, hieroglyphs, papyruses, the secrets of the pyramids and lots more.

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National Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Land of the Pharaohs - (All aspects of life of the pharaohs - a history site, chronological listing of events, books, magazines…)

The Egyptian Dream - Pictures and a bit of History

Egypt WWW Index - All spheres: Egyptology, Journals, Politics, Woman

Pyramids - All you wanted to know about them but did not dare to ask

The Oriental Institute Museum - Magnificent - you have to have patient to reload all movies

Pyramids- The Inside Story - excavations

Museum of Fine Arts - Egypt

PHARAONIC FUNERAL ART - short but interesting

Mummification,Gods and Godesses,The book of the Dead,Queen Lostris… - imazing descriptions

Egyptian Internet Resources - links to The most important sites about Egypt

Nefertiti - the hereditary Princess

Cleveland Museum of Art Pharaohs Exhibition - hieroglyphs, Statues…

The University of Michigan Papyrus Collection

Egypt Gallery Picture

Egyptology - writing, archaeology, religion and art of ancient Egypt. - beautiful site